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Winkhurst Reconstruction

This early 16th century building originally formed part of a larger house, and was probably used as a kitchen for smoking, brewing and washing as well as everyday cooking. It has a crown post roof and is an excellent example of medieval timber-framed building construction.  In 2001 the building was dismantled and moved to a more appropriate location.  In the new reconstruction, modern buildings represent missing parts of the original house.

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Saxon Geteld

The “Saxon Geteld” is based on manuscript illustrations.One of the principal sources is the Utrecht Psalter, a ninth century French manuscript which shows several small tents. Also of note is the Harley Psalter, an 11th century English manuscript based on the Utrecht Psalter which shows a somewhat taller version of the same design.

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For my 50th post ….. The Luttrell Psalter Film is a short film based on the famous images of medieval village life from the 14th Century Luttrell Psalter. The Psalter was made for Sir Geoffrey Luttrell of Irnham in Lincolnshire and is famous for its depiction of ordinary people. It is a remarkable and precious part of Lincolnshire’s heritage. The film was made for Lincoln’s museum.

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